Presbyterian Ladies' College, Melbourne

Cloudwork's PlatformID V2 sounds very exciting. Ideally we would like to replace Jamf Connect with Platform SSO, and it sounds like with V2 this is possible as it creates new users as well as converting existing ones. Are you testing V2 at the moment with the MacOS Sonoma beta? Would love to be part of the testing group if possible.
Nathan Harris, AV and ICT Solutions Manager, Presbyterian Ladies' College, Melbourne, August 2023

Freshwater Christian College

Thank you for the update. I'm glad that you have been able to resolve this issue. This is a fantastic feature, being able to dynamically sync our students and staff groups to Adobe. Much appreciated.
Brad Heaton, ICT Director, Freshwater Christian College, November 2021

The Armidale School

You do an amazing job. Thank you all for your amazing support.
Ken Secker, IT Manager, The Armidale School, March 2020


To quickly get ready for remote classes, we purchased Zoom licensing for all our staff. We then set up SSO through Cloudwork. Just wanted to let you know that Cloudwork instructions and resources made it a smooth process. Congrats.
Peter Anderson, ICT Director, Kambala, March 2020

Presbyterian Ladies' College Melbourne

I just wanted to express my thanks for all the good work you and your team have done recently, such as giving us the ability to have 2FA for our staff when they are off-site, the ability to switch on or off the trusted computer setting and the multiple failed login attempts protection. I know there have been other developments but these ones really mattered to us. Keep up the good work.
Brenton Harty, Director of ICT, Presbyterian Ladies' College Melbourne, October 2019

Macleay College

Just a quick email to let you know that I am very satisfied with the service Cloudworks provide, all your team are very helpful and recently Justin has shown great amount of care to assist me in configuring new service. He is so professional, helpful and knowledgeable. Congratulations on the great team.
Saif Samaan, Head of IT, Macleay College, October 2019

VINE: Victorian ICT Network for Education

(Regarding new SSO bridge between Wild Apricot and Discourse software)
Just tested it and it seems to be working 😊
This is fantastic, thanks so much!
James Poulos, VINE Committee, Melbourne VIC, September 2018

St Aloysius' College

Thank you for this. You and the team are always bringing new features that are not only great features but help us as school IT admins.
Michael Smith, ICT Manager, St Aloysius' College, Milsons Point NSW, May 2018

Methodist Ladies College

I've played around with the new PIM admin roles functionality ... I wanted to say that you've done a fantastic job, and it works much better than I imagined it would. I think it will suit what we have in mind perfectly – the 'additive' permissions per org unit are perfect. Thank you for your hard work!
Cameron Munro, ILT Manager, Methodist Ladies College, Claremont WA, April 2018

Rosebank College

Thanks to David and Justin this morning - given me an extremely easy way to set up my mailing groups. You are successfully taking our AD security groups and creating them in Google. Very happy!
Scott Johnson, ICT Manager, Information Services Rosebank College, April 2018

The Armidale School

My experience in working with Cloudwork (2 years ago now) has been great. The main benefit (as well as SSO) is having an external Directory (it's not AD) that will act as failover. Plus the fact that the parent directory is self handling – you don't need to have your own onsite parent directory. So if you are looking at logon to parent portal, for example, then pointing auth to the external is easy – parents can handle their own lost passwords etc. Cloudwork are also skilled at GSuite integration as well, which is a bit of a bonus.
Martin Levins, ex-The Armidale School, April 2017

Oxford Falls Grammar School

We thought about migrating to ADFS to save money, but to be honest Cloudwork is a great service for the price we pay. Currently we have these services through Cloudwork/Studentnet – edumate, schoolbox, google apps for students, parents, staff, our soon to be retired parent portal, and a bunch of services the library uses like click view.
Michael Parker, Oxford Falls Grammar School, April 2017

Burgmann Anglican School

[The setup] happened very quickly. It just all works ... it was a great experience. Studentnet were very helpful and Kevin gave us a complete outline beforehand. The pricing is excellent and very affordable.
Steve Carter, Burgmann Anglican School

Open Orbit

Thanks again for your invaluable help given in such good faith!
Niranjan Deodhar, Founder, Open Orbit

SCEGGS Darlinghurst

Managing the sync profiles was really easy. The design of the interface is really logical and it's perfect to be able to clone and change so easily. I think I set up all our year groups in about 5 minutes.
Ken Emeleus, SCEGGS Darlinghurst

St Patrick's College, Strathfield

We have recently signed up to Studentnet and are in the process of moving all our systems over to their SSO. Their implementation process has been one of the best I've experienced thus far and their technical staff a pleasure to deal with - knowledgeable, collaborative, friendly and talented. Definitely an asset to Studentnet!
I made the decision to use Studentnet over On Premise ADFS, Azure ADFS or other custom solutions. Their knowledge of Education systems out there (Canvas, Clickview etc) has meant I haven't had to worry about these details and can focus on other areas. Additionally, what sealed the deal for us was their ability to work with us to get our Canvas enrolments happening without having to create a solution ourselves.
Adam Abatte, St Patrick's College, Strathfield

Carinya Christian School

I'd like to express my personal thanks to you and your company for the support you have given us over the past 15 years.
Peter Townsend, Carinya Christian School


MyEDiary users can now authenticate with Cloudwork to seamlessly sign-in to their eDiary. This will streamline the student and staff workflows when interacting with their eDiary tools and firmly integrate the software with the college’s 'digital ecosystem'. Thank you to Justin at Studentnet.
Without their excellent support we would not have been able to facilitate at such short notice this great new feature.
Shaun Brazier, Product Manager MyEDiary

Oxford Falls Grammar School

Just wanted to touch base and give you some feedback after the install of CloudWork.
Our users are loving the transitions between apps, there is no need to log on again and they all say it's "really cool".
We look forward to adding many more services onto your CloudWork system in the near future.
Michael Smith, IT Manager

Streamlyne Compliance Consultancy

Streamlyne is an education consultancy that works with various industry groups to provide tailored online training solutions aimed at the specific policies and procedures of the customer, in an interactive and educationally sound delivery.
Since commencing our education consultancy over 5 years ago we have relied upon Studentnet extensively for the management and optimisation of our webserver requirements, including:
  • the provision of a content management system for our own website, as well as websites developed for clients
  • sufficient server capacity and security to cope with the many online training modules that we provide
  • a series of Moodle environments
  • supply and management of domain names
  • email/webmail services for our clients, managed by us
Studentnet was recommended to us by the Association of Independent Schools on the basis of their knowledge of Studentnet's empathy with the specific requirements and various technical backgrounds of educational personnel.
My own background is as an educator (more latterly, a school Principal), not a technician. I took my requirements to Studentnet who were able to accommodate them with a specific package of software and hardware solutions. As our business grows, Studentnet continues to advise on and facilitate the technical requirements of that expansion.
More especially, the staff at Studentnet supplement (and often repair!) the lack of technical expertise at our end in the area of server management in a way that is not patronising. We have installed Drupal as our Content Management System and, whilst not within their direct charter, Studentnet technicians have been only too willing to sort out any idiosyncratic issues related to that product.
It is no overstatement to say that our business relies totally on the professionalism of Studentnet. We can confidently promote our business to prospective clients trusting that, whatever backend requirements we need to offer, Studentnet understands those requirements and is able to provide the service(s) we need.
Streamlyne wins business because we can do the job more efficiently and with more professionalism than the client can achieve by attempting the project in-house. We rely on the fact that the same is true for Studentnet.
Steve Lyne