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June 2020

Studentnet Cloudwork V36 Release Notes

Studentnet is pleased to advise that V36 has now completed internal testing and testing with our beta test schools. V36 is now available to be deployed at all schools. Please find below a brief description of newly available improvements in our V36 release.

V36 New Features

  • Sync profile settings to allow more control of Organisational Units when importing users into Cloudwork
  • Allow password reset to use email if logging in with email is enabled
  • Password complexity rules when creating users, changing passwords in CloudworkID, resetting passwords etc. For more information, Please visit our Cloudwork wiki [1]here: [2]
  • Cloudwork will now respect password reuse rules in AD
  • Changing Theme settings will now show in reports
  • Hide users from the global contacts list in Google when suspended in Cloudwork if the setting is enabled
  • View Cloudwork status via Link in the Dashboard Help page
  • Google Classroom option to prevent deleting teachers
  • Added Deleted group actions to Group Sync Profiles

V36 Bug Fixes

  • Features like "Remember Me" and changes to log in theme did not work as expected
  • Unicode characters for different languages in message templates didn't work as expected
  • Longer welcome messages didn’t work as expected
  • Fixed a bug that prevented users from enabling MFA if recovery mobile has formatting
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements

A scheduled deployment program has commenced. Please advise if you have special deployment requirements. Deploying to V36 involves a brief outage of 1-2 minutes during which new sign ins are not completed. Existing signed in sessions are not affected by deployment. To schedule a time for your school's instance upgrade please submit a support ticket or email your request to

Wiki Updates

We have added documentation on the following topics to our wiki:

  • PIM — — add some context for PIM
  • Admin Roles — — Add topics for admin role
  • Super Admin — — Add more details description as well as the principles of using super admin
  • Reports — — Add More categories to reports
  • Admin Activity — — Add descriptions for different events
  • Provisioning — — Add descriptions for different events
  • User activity — — Add descriptions for different events
  • CloudworkID — — what is and how to add links to it
  • CloudworkID theme — — How to change theme for CloudworkID
  • Message Template — — Steps on bulk message send for welcome messages
  • MFA — — Setting up MFA and how to setup app and trusted device
  • Silent inspection — — description of silent inspection
  • Staggered logins — — what it is and how to clear staggered logins
  • Alert — — what it is and how to create an alert
  • Brute force attack — — a link that goes to staggered logins
  • Remember me — — What is remember me and how to customise it
  • Login theme — — Adding a link on how to recreate adfs login page
  • Replicate adfs login page — — Steps on how to recreate ADFS login page
  • Groups — — adding steps on how to do bulk send welcome message for a group
  • Password Complexity — — Description of Password Complexity how to enable it

Also documentation for the following services has been added or improved:

  • Assetware — — adding steps for sso
  • CDF — — adding steps for sso
  • Google Apps — — Change step slightly to make it more accurate
  • PaperCut — — More detailed steps for setting SSO
  • Saasyan — — what is saasyan and sso setup
  • Schoolbox — — change step slightly to make it more accurate for slo
  • Spider — — SSO steps for spider
  • TASS — — sso setup for TASS
  • Zoom — — setup steps for zoom

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