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January 2019

Cloudwork V29 Release Notes

The Cloudwork team welcomes you all to a New Year. We're sure that you are all preparing for your new 2019 enrolling year. Our team has been hard at work introducing many new features and user experience improvements in the dashboard. Please find below a brief description of newly available improvements in our latest release - Version 29.

V29 New Features

  • Added a notification system to the dashboard screen enabling Studentnet to easily deliver important update information to Cloudwork Administrators
  • Contents of Password Reset SMS messages can now be controlled via Message Templates
  • "Require password change at next login" feature exposed on Password Change screen in admin
  • SMS-based Multi factor Authentication can now be enabled for a user from the Cloudwork Dashboard
  • Support SSL connections in Email Sync Profiles, meaning Email Sync Profiles can now connect to a wider range of in boxes
  • New configuration option in Email Sync Profiles enabling users to be placed into a specific Org Unit
  • Extra details are now available on the IdP Details page, allowing administrators to easily discover certificate fingerprints

V29 User Experience Improvements

  • The "Download" button in Reports now handles the report generation asynchronously, allowing much larger reports to be successfully generated
  • Cloudwork Dashboard will now show a red error message if a group sync is attempted with a bad LDAP search filter
  • Relaxed form processing rules for SSO Services that don't have signing certificates or logout URLs
  • Removed `required` tags from some form fields, to make editing SSO Services easier
  • Help page now links to the Wiki
  • Sidebar menu will stay in its current state between page transitions
  • The Login Theme form has been broken down into smaller, more easily managed forms
  • Various bug fixes

Access to V29

If you wish to access any of these new features, your Cloudwork instance will need to be updated to V29. We will be commencing individual instance upgrades starting in February, 2019. To schedule a time for your school's instance upgrade please submit a support ticket or email your request to Looking forward to working with you again in 2019 - Thank you.

Best Regards
The Studentnet Team

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